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Choose to advertise on lifesciencejob.se - the largest and best job portal for the jobs in the most important industry The Nordic's leading recruitment site and network for those who work in the pharma, biotech, labtech, medtech industry and research, development and healthcare.

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Price SEK 28 300

Find the right people! Job ad on lifesciencejob.se, lifesciencesweden.se (60,000 unique page views/month) and in our 5 newsletters per week (17,000 recipients) for one month

Digital job advertising + advertising in Life

Price SEK 36 000

Target the right audience instead of casting a wide net when recruiting. With a ¼-page in Life Science Sweden magazine, a job ad in Life Science Sweden’s newsletter, on lifesciencejob.se and on lifesciencesweden.se, you will reach the appropriate target group nationwide and internationally, reaching both passive and active job seekers.

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