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lifesciencejob.se is the leading recruitment site within the life science industry in Scandinavia, with an average of 16,000 -18,000 visitors per week. The advertising always includes lifesciencesweden.se for a duration of 30 days. Our platform is well-known and clearly focused, resulting in a high-quality response and a high standard of job applications.

lifesciencejob.se is a part of Life Science Sweden, the leading media and congress organizer in the life science industry. We provide news and covers industry trends. Lifesciencesweden.se is updated daily with the latest industry news. Please go to https://gansub.com/t/pm/5760559261196/ for information about us and our marketing and communication channels.

As the only industry magazine in Sweden, our coverage area includes the entire life science industry. The publication covers most product areas.

Job advertising on lifesciencejob.se, you can easily and quickly post the job positions you want to advertise.

Please feel free to mail our Business Developmant Manager on maria.erikssonordiskemedier.se for more information on how we can best meet your company's recruitment needs or if you have any questions.

Why should you advertise your job positions on lifesciencejob.se? Lifesciencesweden.se ensures that your job advertisements are displayed in the right environment and reach the appropriate target audience within the Scandinavian Life Science industry.


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